Safety Certificates

A safety certificate (also known as a road worthy) is a very basic inspection to ensure the vehicle is not likely to be a danger to its occupants or other road users at the time of the inspection (not days, weeks or months later).

Safety-certificateNEVER EVER rely on a safety certificate to indicate that a vehicle you are considering purchasing is in good condition. If you are not competent in this field always have an independent pre-purchase inspection done prior to handing over any money. There are many qualified people doing pre-purchase inspections, such as RON on 0409 691743.

You are required to possess a safety certificate when you offer a vehicle for sale (Trailers with an Aggregate Trailer Mass of 750 Kg or less are exempt) and this certificate must be produced when transferring rego, including from interstate, or registering any unregistered vehicle.

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What do I need to provide?

The vehicle or trailer, previous registration certificate (the one the sticker came on) if available, and a hard, level and dry surface with at least 1 metre of space all-round the vehicle. (Hard does not mean concrete, can be hard earth, hard lawn etc.). If the vehicle is not registered remove the old number plates and registration sticker. If it is registered provide proof of registration.

Do I need to prepare the car?

Only the things you wish you had done when the police pull you over for an inspection.

Do I need to be there?

No. We can make prior arrangements for keys and payment.

Does the car have to be driveable?


What do you check?

There is a Code of Practice which I must follow. You can read it here. Remember this code is a general guideline only, summarising thousands of pages of complex legislation into 82 pages.

Can you repair any defects for me?

No. Making more money from repairing faults I find would compromise the independence and integrity of the inspection process.

How long do I have to repair any faults found?

You have 14 days to complete any repairs and have the re-inspection (which is included in the initial fee). It’s not the end of the world if you don’t do the repairs in 14 days BUT after 14 days legislation requires I do another full inspection and charge for it. I have no discretion in this requirement.

I think you did a dodgy inspection!

Immediately make a complaint to Transport and Main Roads as they are the most competent and unbiased party to investigate your concerns. I certainly can make genuine mistakes but you must also consider other possibilities such as:

  • A dishonest seller fraudulently disguising faults from both myself and your pre-purchase inspector.
  • It is not unknown for dishonest sellers to borrow parts (tyres, seatbelts, seats etc.) to get the vehicle passed, and then refit the old parts.
  • In Queensland there is no requirement to be qualified or competent to repair a vehicle. Incompetent repairs can pass the visual inspection on the day but fail soon after.
  • All components of a motor vehicle are in a continuous process of deterioration, somewhere between new and failed. Failure presents in two forms, predictable (such as tyre wear) and catastrophic which, in this context, means an unpredictable failure, (not a huge one) such as a light bulb blowing.
  • Many components are subject to either type of failure, tyres can wear or suddenly blow out, oil seals and hydraulic hoses can develop gradual leaks or fail suddenly and spectacularly. A good preventative maintenance program will prevent the vast majority of failures but the Safety Certificate Inspection cannot foresee these failures.

Does my vehicle have to be clean?

Reasonably so. It has to be clean enough underneath to be able to inspect all components. If you have been mud bashing clean it underneath. If you spilled oil everywhere when topping it up then degrease it or risk having to replace seals or gaskets and provide proof of repairs.

Do you need a Safety Certificate?

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