Modification Approvals (Blue Plates)

Modification-plateModification approvals are provided on behalf of Transport and Main Roads for light vehicles and trailers and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator for heavy vehicles and trailers. The purpose of modification approvals is to ensure the modified vehicle continues to comply with relevant Australian Design Rules and Queenslands ” Vehicle Standards and Safety Regulations.” Usually the cost of having a modification approved is considerably less than the fine for not having done so. More importantly, if the  modifications are not approved, the vehicle is not roadworthy and your insurance may be void. In this situation, in the event of an accident, everything you own is at risk.

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Light Vehicles

For a general overview of what changes might need a modification approval read  Modification Guidelines and for a more detailed understanding go to Light Vehicle Code of Practice (VSB14) and the the supplementary Queensland Code of Practice.

The Codes of Practice are divided into “Sections” ( Eg; LA, LB etc. ). The LA, LB etc. represents the modification code required to certify that area of modification. It also details for each section modifications that can be performed without certification and those that require certification.

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Heavy Vehicles

Modifications requiring certification are detailed in the Heavy Vehicle Code of Practice (VSB6). It is divided into sections (Eg; J, S, etc. ) which represent the modification code required to certify that area of modification.

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The test to determine if a modification needs approval is any activity described in VSB6 as a modification performed on a vehicle after the day the compliance plate is fitted requires certifying. For example, a genuine accessory towbar fitted by a dealer requires certification, one fitted by the manufacturer does not as the entity fitting the compliance plate (manufacturer) accepts responsibility for the vehicles compliance with the Australian Design Rules whereas the dealer is not qualified to do so.

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Modification Codes I Can Do



A1 Engine Substitution LA1 Engine Change
A2 Air Cleaner Fitment LA2 Performance Engine Installation
A3 Turbo Charger Installation LA3 Turbo/Supercharger Installation
A4 Exhaust System Alteration LA4 Performance Modifications
A5 Speed Limiter Installation LB1 Transmission Substitution
B1 Transmission Substitution LB2 Rear Axle Substitution
C1 Tailshaft Alterations LC2 Dual Controls Installation
D1 Rear Axle Installation LC4 Installation of controls for Disabled Drivers
D2 Differential Substitution LG2 Brake System Conversion
E1 Front Axle Installation LH2 Roof Conversion
F1 Suspension Substitution LH4 Modified Wheelbase Conversion
F2 Trailer Suspension Modification LH6 Vehicle Construction
G1 Air Brake-Reposition Components LH7 Panel Van to Ute Type Conversion
G2 Fit Trailer Brake Controls & Connections LH11 Camper Van & Motorhome Conversion
G3 Trailer Brake System Upgrading LH1 Seat & Seatbelt Changes & Installations
G5 Auxiliary Brake Installation LK6 Child Restraint Installations
G6 Air Operated Accessories LK8 Roll Bar & Rollcage Installation
G7 Brake System Substitution LK10 Commercial Roll Cage & ROPS Installation
H1 Wheelbase Extension LM1 Aftermarket Fuel Tank Installation
H2 Wheelbase Reduction LO1 Australian Design Rule Compliance
H3 Change Wheelbase to Manufacturer’s alternate LS2 Left Hand Drive Conversion
H5 Trailer Chassis Modification LS4 Front Suspension & Steering Conversion
J1 Fitting of Bodies LS6 Rear Suspension Conversion
K1 Seat & Seatbelt Installation & Removal LS10 Suspension and Cab Lift to 125mm
K3 Cabin Modifications and Changes LT4 Noise Test Certification
K5 Wheelchair Restraint Installation
K6 Child Restraint Installation
M1 Fuel Tank Installation & Repositioning
P1 Tow Bar/Coupling Installation & Repair
P2 Turntable & Kingpin Installation
Q1 Slewing Crane Installation
R1 Tailgate & Rear Loading Device Installation
S1 Re-rate of GVM & GCM
S6 Omnibus Evaluation
S7 Re-rate of Trailer ATM
S8 Road Train Prime Mover Rating
S9 B-Double Rating of Prime mover & Trailers
S10 Livestock Load (Volume Loading) Rating
S11 Road Train Trailer Rating
T1 Tow Truck Construction